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Madagascan Vanilla Vodka

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A Bunch Of Wheat Showcasing The Beauty Of Nature's Harvest

Scottish Madagascan Vanilla Vodka

Scottish Malt Barley is a premium grain renowned for its quality and flavour. Distilleries employ it to craft exceptional vodka, where its smooth, sweet character complements the spirit's purity. Madagascan Vanilla combined with the excellence of Scottish Malt Barley creates a harmonious blend of flavours that delights the palate.

Twine-wrapped vanilla sticks

Tasting Notes

Nose: Malty, Vanilla, Sweetness

Palette: Mellow, Soft, Dry, Smooth

Finish: Warm, Sweetness

Vodka and a glass of soda on a table

Perfect Serve

Craft the Perfect Serve with Vanilla Vodka and Madagascan Coke from Fevertree. Also pairs brilliantly with our Coffee Liqueur in an Espresso Martini.

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