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Malt Barley Vodka


After years of spirits production, Tayport Distillery has finally released its refined and premium Malt Barley Vodka. Our premium vodka is produced using Scotland’s finest Malt Barley. Our vodka has won an outstanding gold award for it’s smooth, refined and creamy taste. 


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One of the few distillery's to release their own vodka with a malt barley base, Tayport Distillery have taken this bold step to show you just how smooth and creamy it is! 40% abv and available in 20cl and 50cl Sizes. 


    what makes us premium?

    Premium vodka is immediately recognisable by the texture and smooth mouthfeel. To create a vodka at a consistently high standard we charcoal filter further refining the barley vodka. We slowly filter over several days carefully refining the spirit until we get the perfect malt barley flavour and character into our wholly Scottish vodka. This step defines us against other distilleries, producing a smooth and delicious vodka is no easy feat. We have honed our skills of mashing, fermenting and distilling. Experimented with different products other than malted barley and yeast, creating a base spirit that is unique in flavour and texture. 

    Why should you try our vodka?

    What is it that makes our vodka so unique? We believe that our Scottish Vodka is unique because of the Malted Barley that we use. We collect it from a lovely family farm just below Edinburgh. When the harvest is over and it’s time to begin the malting process, Alison gets ready to turn the grains. She turns the grain to allow it to germinate at a fairly high temperature, which we believe is where much of our flavour comes from. 

    We have been feature in Forbes as one of th Top 10 Vodkas in the world and won 98pts at the IWSC for our flavour and incredibly smooth texture. So why not give it a try, we think you might like it!

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