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Charity Requests

We very regularly receive requests for Tayport Distillery to support charities and charity events, and at certain times of the year the volume of requests can become significant.  We have therefore introduced a fair process to filter requests and help us choose to which charities and events we will give time and donate product.  
·     MND Charities and Local charities will be given priority over national or regional charities outside Fife.  All charities must provide evidence of their charitable status. 
·     Members of the public holding a private fundraising event for a charity must provide us with a letter from said charity stating this to be the case.
·     Unless otherwise agreed, our support will continue to be through either the free or discounted issue of product and where possible the marketing of your event.
·      Bloggers must provide evidence of genuine followers and engagement across multiple platforms. The blog must be gin, spirits or food & drink based. Consideration would be given to other bloggers if we feel it is appropriate.
·     As a small company receiving many requests for support every week, we have limited resources. We prefer to share these resources around as widely as possible to help as many organisations as we can, and therefore may not be able to support repeat requests; for example for annual raffles.
If you wish to make a request, please do so via our website or send a letter to the address below. Sadly, we cannot make on the spot decisions via phone as we like to give time to review each application. We will not respond to requests via social media platforms. Also, we may not be able to answer every email or letter request due to the volumes we receive.
We view all charity support as a partnership and ask in return for some promotion. We are happy to provide leaflets to hand out and images for your newsletters and social media. We also ask that you follow us on social media and in return we will share your posts where we are mentioned.
FB:   @tayportdistillery
Instagram:       @tayportdistillery 
LinkedIn: @tayportdistillery
Twitter:  @tayportdistill
And we would be grateful if you can help spread the word about Tayport Distillery!
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