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Indulge in the ultimate vodka experience with our exceptional collection of premium Scottish vodkas, expertly crafted by our award-winning Tayport Distillery.
Savour the exquisite taste of our Malt Barley Vodka, made with the finest Malt Barley grown in Scotland. With a subtle sweetness and hints of caramel and vanilla, this smooth and sophisticated vodka is perfectly balanced at 40% ABV, creating a gentle heat and no burn.
Experience luxury like no other with our Madagascan Vanilla Vodka, expertly crafted using the finest vanilla pods carefully harvested and cured in Madagascar to bring out their full flavour potential. Whether enjoyed over ice or mixed into a delicious cocktail, our Madagascan Vanilla Vodka is the ultimate indulgence for anyone seeking luxury and great taste.
Both Vodka’s are a testament to our commitment to excellence and five years of perfecting the exceptional recipe.

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Malt Barley Vodka

Malt Barley Vodka

Madagascan Vanilla Vodka

Madagascan Vanilla Vodka

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