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Cocktail Kits

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Espresso Martini Box

Make an Espresso Martini!

Includes: Recipe Card, 1 x 20cl Coffee Liqueur and 1 x 20cl Madagascan Vanilla Vodka

Do you know someone who loves Espresso Martinis or Coffee?

***Please note we are currently sold out of our Vanilla Vodka.  This will temporarily replaced in the Espresso Martini pack with our award winning Classic Malt Barley Vodka.***

This cocktail gift comes complete with a recipe card, our 20cl Coffee Liqueur and 20cl Vodka. All you need to add is some espresso, and shake it up in a cocktail!

Bramble Cocktail Set

This is a perfect cocktail present for some who loves fresh, zesty cocktails with a burst of berry flavour! Our cocktail gift set is great as a dinner present or fun gift for friends and family!

Bramble Box

Bramble Cocktail Set

Includes: Recipe Card, 1 x 20cl Blackcurrant Liqueur and 1 x 20cl Wild Rose Gin

Raspberry Tom Collins

Includes: Recipe Card, 1 x 20cl Raspberry Liqueur and 1 x 20cl Wild Rose Gin

Cocktail Gift Set

Have fun and experiment making some of the tastiest Raspberry Tom Collins! Our Cocktail Combos are great gifts for cocktail lovers and people who love to stir up a delicious drink!

French Martini, anyone?

Create and indulge in a French Martini! Grab some pineapple juice, and shake up this heavenly cocktail and enjoy with your partner over the holidays!

French Martini

French Martini

Includes: Recipe Card, 1 x 20cl Raspberry Liqueur and 1 x 20cl Malt Barley Vodka

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