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How Do You Make a Negroni Cocktail? - Tayport Distillery

How Do You Make a Negroni Cocktail?

All you need to know about the classic Negroni Cocktail

The Negroni is a popular and well-loved gin cocktail that has stood the test of time. It is revered for its bittersweet and complex taste. Originating in Florence, Italy in the early 20th century, this iconic drink is typically enjoyed over ice in a tumbler glass, making it the ideal pre-dinner libation. The key to crafting a great Negroni Cocktail lies in the balance of gin, vermouth, and Campari, with variations in gin and vermouth allowing for a personalised touch. Whether you prefer a classic recipe or a more adventurous twist, the Negroni remains a beloved choice for mixologists and cocktail aficionados worldwide.


How to make the perfect Negroni

To make a classic Negroni Cocktail Recipe, you will need equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, as well as a twist of orange peel for garnish. Fill a mixing glass with ice, then pour in the gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Stir the ingredients well until they are chilled, then strain the mixture into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Finally, twist a piece of orange peel over the drink to release its oils, and use it as a garnish. Enjoy your perfectly balanced and refreshing Negroni cocktail!

Negroni Cocktail Recipe:

37.5mls Campari

37.5mls Scots Pine Gin

37.5mls Sweet Vermouth

Stir into a tumbler glass, over ice and garnish with a twist of orange peel.

Is a Negroni a strong cocktail?

Yes, a Negroni is considered a strong cocktail due to its equal parts of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. The combination of these three potent spirits creates a bold and robust flavour profile that is not watered down by mixers or dilution. The Negroni is typically served over ice and garnished with an orange peel, allowing its strength to shine through with every sip. If you prefer a cocktail with a kick, the Negroni is the perfect choice.

What does Negroni taste like?

A Negroni is a classic cocktail known for its bold and bitter taste. The combination of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet red vermouth creates a complex and earthy flavour profile. The bitterness of the Campari is balanced out by the herbal notes from the gin and the sweetness of the vermouth, resulting in a cocktail that is both refreshing and sophisticated. Overall, a Negroni has a distinct bitter yet balanced taste that is perfect for those who enjoy more complex and nuanced cocktails.

What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is a type of fortified wine that is flavoured with various botanicals, herbs, and spices. It is commonly used as a key ingredient in cocktails such as martinis and negronis. Vermouth can be produced in different styles including dry, sweet, and Bianco (white). Its distinctive flavours and aromas make it a versatile and popular choice for mixing drinks and adding depth to recipes.

When it comes to choosing the best vermouth for your cocktails, many bartenders and mixologists would agree that sweet vermouth is the top choice for a negroni. The rich and slightly sweet flavour profile of sweet vermouth pairs perfectly with the bitterness of the Campari and the herbal notes of the gin in a negroni cocktail. The deep red colour of sweet vermouth also adds a beautiful hue to the drink, making it visually appealing. Overall, sweet vermouth is the ideal choice for adding complexity and balance to a classic Negroni cocktail.

What is Campari?

Campari is an Italian alcoholic liqueur known for its distinctive bitter flavour and vibrant red colour. Created in 1860 by Gaspare Campari, this aperitif is made from a proprietary blend of herbs and fruits, giving it a complex and unique taste. Campari is commonly used in popular cocktails like the Negroni and the Campari Spritz, as well as enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its bold and bitter profile makes it a divisive but beloved drink among enthusiasts of bitter liqueurs.

What style of Gins make a great Negroni?

London Dry style gins, known for their juniper-forward flavor profiles, are a popular choice for making a great Negroni. The classic combination of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in a Negroni cocktail allows the botanicals and citrus notes found in London Dry gins to shine through, providing a balanced and refreshing drink. The robust juniper base of these gins complements the bitter and herbal notes of Campari, resulting in a balanced fusion of flavours ideal for enjoying on a balmy evening or as an appetiser before a meal.

What Gin do we recommend for a great Negroni cocktail?

Tayport Distillery has crafted a unique Scots Pine Gin following the London Dry style, combining the distinctive flavour of pine with juniper to create a perfect base for a classic negroni cocktail. To make this iconic drink, simply mix equal parts of Tayport's Scots Pine Gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari over ice, stir well, and garnish with a twist of orange peel. The pine notes from the gin add a refreshing and earthy dimension to the cocktail, enhancing the overall taste experience. This recipe truly highlights the depth of flavour that the Scots Pine Gin brings to the traditional negroni, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts looking to elevate their cocktail game.

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