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1992 Blackcurrant Liqueur


Tayport Distillery produces their 1992 Blackcurrant Crème de Cassis entirely from scratch using the best local fruit in Scotland. Our 1992 Blackcurrant Crème de Cassis locks in the freshest flavour becoming one of our most popular liqueurs and also a winner of a Great Taste Award.

Lasts 12+ months after opening.


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A deliciously smooth and rich Blackcurrant Liqueur made with fresh Scottish Blackcurrants. 20% abv and available in 20cl and 50cl sizes.

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by delicious fruit in Fife, Scotland. We didn't want any of it going to waste so when there was an opportunity to begin using blackcurrants we couldn't wait to get started! Once we collect the fruit from the farm we allow it to macerate for 3 months before we bottle. It is filtered numerous times to produce a glossy texture.


1992 Blackcurrant Liqueur is produced using the freshest blackcurrants, picked in the heart of fruit growing country. Fife is renowned for producing some of the best fruit,which is shipped across the world because of it's rich and distinctive flavour. Our Blackcurrant Liqueur tastes of real fruit, no artificial flavourings or essences. This is what sets us apart and gives Tayport Distillery a unique and luxurious flavour. Read more here.

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True provenance

Similar to the 1992 Raspberry Liqueur, the Blackcurrant Liqueur takes a lot of time and care to make sure that we produce a consistently premium liqueur that stands up to our expectations. Using Scottish fruit was always incredibly important to us as without it we would not be able to produce such high wquality products.

Traditionally, Crème de Cassis is served in champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco to create the classic Kir Royale. Many will drink neat with ice or add a little tonic or soda water. There are so many cocktail options for this liqueur - check out our blog for some suggestions.

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