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Tayport Distillery on

Tayport Distillery on James Martin Saturday Morning

We're bubbling with excitement! It's not every day you get to announce such thrilling news. 

We've been featured on the "James Martin Saturday Morning" show! That's right, our very own Blackcurrant Liqueur was the star in a Blackcurrant and Blackberry Delice, crafted by none other than the culinary maestro himself, James Martin.

When Can You Catch This Culinary Delight?

Mark your calendars for Saturday, 13th January. Gather your friends, your family, or just treat yourself to some quiet 'me' time in front of the TV. It's not just a segment; it's a celebration of Scottish spirit and flavour, reaching homes nationwide.

Did you miss it? Watch it on Youtube below:

Behind the Scenes of the Blackcurrant Liqueur

The show is a household name for those who love a dash of innovation with their cooking. James Martin and guest chef Lesley Waters dove into the essence of our Blackcurrant Liqueur. They weren't just mixing ingredients; they were weaving in the rich, deep flavours of Scotland into a dish that looked as divine as it must have tasted.

A Chance Encounter Leads to Culinary Spotlight

Every great story has a beginning. Ours started at The Taste of Grampian, the event that champions Scottish food on the East Coast. Kecia McDougall, the heart and soul behind our distillery, didn't just spot James Martin; she seized the moment. A conversation, a tasting, and a few months later, Tayport Distillery was on the national stage.

More Than Just a Segment

It wasn't just James and Lesley in the kitchen. The episode was a gathering of tastes and talents, with Jonathan Phang, Greg Rutherford, and more joining in. It's this sense of community, of shared passion for great food and drink, that we cherish.

Our Gratitude and Invitation

We extend a heartfelt thank you to James Martin, his team, and everyone who's been a part of this journey. This feature is more than just airtime; it's a recognition of our commitment to quality and tradition.

But why just read about it when you can taste it? Dive into the world of Tayport Distillery. Discover our Blackcurrant Liqueur and the range of spirits that are as Scottish as the rolling hills and clear lochs. Visit us at Tayport Distillery and let's raise a glass to new beginnings and timeless flavours.

Stay tuned, stay spirited, and remember — every sip has a story. What will yours be?

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