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Blackcurrant Liqueur

Delicious . Real Fruit Flavour . Smooth .

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Scottish Blackcurrants

Tayport Distillery uses Scottish blackcurrants handpicked from from the fields in Angus. These succulent berries infuse their fresh berry-forward flavours, adding a distinctive Scottish twist to classic cocktails. Taste the essence of Scotland in every sip, a testament to Tayport's commitment to quality.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Floral and Fragrant 

Palette: Rich, Smooth, Tart, Intense fruit flavour, Juicy

Finish: Lasting notes of rich berry flavour, almost wine-like.


At the heart of Scotland's finest spirits lies a commitment to excellence. Collaborating closely with local farmers, distilleries like ours prioritize the highest-quality ingredients. From fresh fruit to pristine water sources, this partnership ensures our spirits embody the essence of Scotland, delivering unparalleled taste and craftsmanship in every bottle.


Blackcurrant Liqueur: The Perfect Companion for Prosecco Parties!

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