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Tayport Distillery 1992 Raspberry Liqueur wins 3 Stars at The Great Taste Award 2020 | Tayport Distillery

Tayport Distillery 1992 Raspberry Liqueur wins 3 Stars at The Great Taste Award 2020

We are delighted to announce that Tayport Distillery has won 3 Stars at The Great Taste Awards 2020. Our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur is produced using the finest raspberries collected from Barnsmuir Farm in the East Neuk of Fife. Out of 13,000 entries only 200 were selected for 3 star awards.

Our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur was created in response to our Never.25 Eau de Vie and 1992 Blackcurrant Cassis being so popular. We recognised customers loved the fresh raspberry taste and this is something that we wanted to emphasise further with a liqueur. 

Making liqueurs is a long and laborious process that takes time to perfect and refine. There are a lot of processes involved which we had to experiment with over a couple of months before we decided that this would be the award - winning recipe. 

Fresh raspberries sit and soak in a maceration process for around 3-4 months. During this time we are taste testing (a hard job, we know! haha) comparing it against the previous batches to maintain consistency in flavour. Once the fresh raspberry flavour has been infused we press out the raspberries collecting all the delicious juices which give our liqueur its unique taste. This process is messy and cumbersome, however we have a good laugh seeing how far raspberry stains have reached within the distillery and pattern our clothes while pressing! Finally, the all important part of adding sugar to give it a rich and luxurious texture. This is what defines a liqueur, adding sugar to give it a syrupy, sweet taste to compliment the fruit flavour. Lastly, we filter our liqueur 4x until it is a gorgeous translucent liquid, bottle, label and wax all within our distillery.

It is amazing to be recognised for this award, affirming our beliefs that premium quality spirits take time to refine and perfect. The last six months, have been a whirlwind and we have had to adapt and change on a whim. We were encouraged when the Co-op placed an order for our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur to be placed in stores across Scotland and this award gives us further confidence to continue on during this tumultuous time. 

Thank you to all our customers, tour and shop visitors for supporting us! It gives us so much joy to share our story and products with you. While circumstances are still changing and evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue forward, producing more high quality spirits and inviting you into our home while it is still safe. Thank you again! 

Award Winning Raspberry Liqueur

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