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Scots Pine Gin

Top Honors At Great Taste Awards 2019
Winter Spice . London Dry . Flavourful
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Close-Up Of Pine Tree Branch

Scots Pine Gin

Tayport Distillery's Scots Pine Gin is a tribute to Scotland's rugged landscapes. Infused with the essence of Scots pine needles and other carefully selected botanicals, it boasts a distinctive piney aroma and a harmonious, earthy flavor profile. Each sip encapsulates the wilderness and craftsmanship of Scotland's pristine forests.

A Man Holding A Pine Tree Branch, Showcasing its Green Needles

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant, Warming, Characterful

Palette: Juicy, Zestful, Evergreen, Juniper and Spicy

Finish: Zestful, Cardamon, Evergreen

A Bottle Of Gin, Vodka, And Lemonade

Perfect Serve

Scots Pine Gin pairs with a range of Fevertree mixers, most notably Spiced Orange and Mediterranean Tonic.

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