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Exclusively for women, but discovered by men... - The Clover Club - Tayport Distillery

Exclusively for women, but discovered by men... - The Clover Club

The Philadelphia Clover Club

The Clover Club has seen just as many bounce backs as flares, and let's be honest - flares have always been fashionable. The Clover Club is one of those cocktails that give your evening a bit of flair and excitement, you've gone the extra mile by making a pretty cocktail!

It dates back to the pre-prohibition where it emerged in a gentlemen's club in Philadelphia. The club was name Clover Club and soon travelled around 100 miles north-east to New York which saw its rise and fall. The resurgence of craft cocktails in the 21st century is calling for this cocktail to stay! When you taste it you'll know why.

The Clover Club cocktail spread like wildfire across New York calling for gin, lemon juice, raspberry liqueur and an egg white. Soon, however, men began to feel it was much more of a 'ladies drink' and opted for something much more manly, a Pink Lady.... Men would sit back in their dark cocktail clubs with leather-bound cushions and chestnut panelling, sipping on a Clover Club with applejack renamed a Pink Lady. Yeah, we don't see the difference either! Anyway, here is the recipe:


Fill a cocktail shaker with half-way up with ice. Pour in all ingredients except the raspberries to garnish. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Use a margarita glass or coupe glass, strain contents into the glass and allow to sit for a coupé seconds as the foam lifts to the top. Garnish with a cocktail stick of raspberries. 

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