Vodka Espresso Martini

Vodka Espresso Martini

17 hours ago
The Espresso Martini easily takes a place in Mary’s top 3 favourite cocktails! A deliciously crea...
'A forgotten classic' - The Aviation

'A forgotten classic' - The Aviation

The Aviation Cocktail It is no surprise that this cocktail was also a result of the prohibition ...
Sparkling Strawberry Iced Tea

A Short History of the Strawberry

Do you know the history of the little strawberry? Read on to find out more, or skip to the end for a delicious Sparkling Strawberry Iced Tea!
Tayport Distillery Clover Club Cocktail

Exclusively for women, but discovered by men... - The Clover Club

The Clover Club has seen just as many bounce backs as flares, and let's be honest - flares have always been fashionable. The Clover Club is one of those cocktails that give your evening a bit of flair and excitement, why not try it with our very own Wild Rose Gin!
Tayport Distillery Negroni Cocktail

Negroni - The Italians response to the Americano!

This cocktail dates back to 1919 in Italy when an Italian wanted to reinvent the Americano. The Americano was not as we know it today, unlike its coffee substitute, it was an alcoholic drink the Italian bartenders would make for their American tourists. Try it with our very own Wild Rose Gin!
Tayport Distillery Bramble Cocktail Photo

Move over blackberries, blackcurrants are coming through! - The Bramble

The Bramble is famous across the world and can be found on almost every cocktail menu! It is the making of Dick Bradsell during his time at Fred's Club in Soho. 

It is a beautifully light and citrus cocktail that is very easy to prepare at a drinks reception. Our Wild Rose Gin is enhanced throughout the cocktail as it citrus notes are complimented against the blackcurrant liqueur.

Never.25 Strawberry Eau de Vie Simple Serve Cocktail

What should I garnish my drink with?

Let’s relive a moment we have all experienced: you have guests over for drinks this evening and you have gone on and on about this fantastic new spirit you discovered at the local market and can not wait for them to try! The moment has come, you are all prepped - reiterating what the nice girl from the market told you about the tasting notes of the gin. But then it hits you, you don’t know what to garnish it with? Do you just chuck in some raspberries? What if they get mushy?  Tayport Distillery gives you some tips here!

Tayport Distillery The Last Word Cocktail

The Last Word - A Farewell To Ernest

Acquaint yourself with a very old, mostly forgotten class of cocktail, The Last Word cocktail.  Tart but balanced, using our very own Never.25 Apple Eau de Vie!
El Morocco inspired cocktail with Never.25 Apple

El Morocco

El Morocco, A cocktail originally from North Africa, was made famous in Manhattan. An Italian immigrant, John Perona, opened a speakeasy during the prohibition era, called El Morroco, and it became one of the most popular establishments of New York, the El Morocco cocktail has made quite a name for itself since then!
Raspberry Zing - a simple serve cocktail made with Never.25 Raspberry and Ginger Ale.

The Short History of Ginger Ale

The Short History of Ginger Ale What is behind one of the worlds most well known mixers? Ginger ale has an extremely diverse and interesting story, from travelling across the Atlantic and becoming a home remedy staple.
Never.25 Raspberry Punch a la Romaine Cocktail

Punch à la Romaine

The Titanic explored the human desire to indulge in food and drink. It has been identified from the wreckage the expansive selection of spirits carried onto the Titanic - vermouth, wine, champagne, brandy and whisky were all on offer. It is noted that during the last dinner on the Titanic, guests were served bountiful amounts of food with Punch à la Romaine as their appetiser. 
Never.25 Apple Eau de Vie and Ginger Ale

Autumn Apples

When berries aren't really your thing and you are looking for something that packs a bit more punch, the Autumn Apples Cocktail can help you out there! This is a simple serve that will warm up any windy autumnal day!
Tayport Distillery Army Navy Cocktail with Orgeat Syrup

The Army and Navy Cocktail

The Army and Navy cocktail makes use of a well-known syrup - Orgeat.

Deriving from French origins, it was previously known as barley water. It began as a barley oil blended with water to create an emulsion and is now seen in many cocktail bars.  Why not try it out in the Army Navy Cocktail Recipe found here using our very own Never.25 Strawberry Eau de Vie.

Elderflower Sugar Syrup

Simple Syrups - Creating your own!

Something we really love about producing our own spirit is being able to play around with different flavour combinations to create tasty cocktails.