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1992 Raspberry Liqueur

Britain's best raspberry liqueur

The second of Tayport Distillery's liqueur range is a rival to Chambord, the popular raspberry liqueur which Tayport Distillery produces entirely from scratch using the best local fruit in Scotland. Pop this in your Prosecco!

Lasts 12+ months after opening.


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Tayport Distillery locks in the freshest raspberry flavour with their latest fruit liqueur. One of our most popular liqueurs, our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur beautifully mimics the delicious Creme de Framboise traditionally found in France. This liqueur is a rival to Chambord Raspberry Liqueur and can be easily drank with champagne or prosecco

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      1992 Raspberry Liqueur is bursting with the fresh flavour of Scottish Raspberries and contains no artificial flavourings or essences. Our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur is the only liqueur on the market to rival Chambord and be superior in taste. We are dedicated to bringing out the richest and best flavour from the Scottish raspberries which grown on the East Neuk of Fife. if you are looking for something local, luxury and premium in taste to add to your cocktails or prosecco - look no further!

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      How to serve 1992 raspberry liqueur

      Aside from pourng a it in your prosecco, we have provided a number of recipes for you to explore and use your Raspberry Liqueur:

      - Chocolate and Raspberry Martini

      - Raspberry Victoria Sponge

      - The Clover Club Cocktail


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