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Wild Rose Gin

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Citrus . London Dry . Light in Flavour
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Vibrant Pink Rose Emerging From Lush Grass

Wild Rose Gin

Tayport Distillery's Wild Rose Gin is a delightful fusion of nature's elegance and craft distillation. Handcrafted with wild rose petals sourced from the Scottish countryside, this gin offers a delicate floral bouquet and a refined, botanical taste. Created and designed by Kecia McDougall, it captures Scotlands natural beauty in every sip.

A Glass Of Evertree Tonic Water With Fresh Strawberries

Tasting Notes

Nose: Juniper, Lemon/Citrus, Fragrant and Floral

Palette: Zestful, Juicy, Tangy, Sweet and Piquant

Finish: Floral rose notes with a lasting lemony finish.

Bottles - Gin, vodka, Cocktail

Perfect Serve

Discover the perfect pairing with Wild Rose Gin and either Rhubarb and Raspberry Tonic or Mediterranean Tonic from Fevertree.

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