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The Short History of Ginger Ale - Tayport Distillery

The Short History of Ginger Ale

The Short History of Ginger Ale

What is behind one of the worlds most well known mixers? 

Ginger ale has an extremely diverse and interesting story, from travelling across the Atlantic and becoming a home remedy staple. Originally, ginger beer came first invented in England around the 1800s with Ireland following hot on their heels developing ginger ale in the 1851. ginger beer was brewed using ginger, sugar, water. 

It travelled across the Atlantic, soon to become one of Canada’s favourite soft drinks. John McLaughlin re-invented the Irish style of ginger ale, developing what we know today as Canada Dry Ginger Ale. In the 1900s, the ginger ale was available in two types - Golden and Dry. Golden Ginger Ale had a much more distinctive ginger flavour and rich in colour and is the lesser known of the two today.

So what is the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale?

Ginger beer is fermented while ginger ale is simply ginger flavoured carbonated water. This is why many ginger beers have an alcoholic content while ginger ales do not. The fermentation process of beer usually involves grain, ginger beer uses ginger and added sugar - typically molasses or cane sugar. Prohibition led to ginger ale becoming more popular than ginger beer and many used it to mask the smell of alcohol in the drink and on their breath. 

This is little spicy number to get those taste-buds going! This simple serve is big on flavour but so more-ish! Our Never.25 Raspberry blends beautifully with Ginger Ale.


— 25ml Raspberry Eau de Vie

— Ginger Ale  

— Lime

Fill a high ball glass half way with ice, pour in your Never.25 Eau de Vie and top with ginger ale. 

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