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The Beacon of Authenticity: Tayport Distillery's Journey to Rebranding

The Beacon of Authenticity: Tayport Distillery's Journey to Rebranding

Tayport Distillery, The Larick and moving forward...

Starting our own business was no small feat, and building a distillery and growing a premium spirits brand has been exceptionally hard. From acquiring licences to mastering the art of distilling, developing new products, and taking them to market, it all took time and effort. Doing it all in-house and by ourselves was truly bonkers. But it was all worth it when customers showed love for our products.

When Tayport Distillery first started, our vision was to create a small collection of Eau de Vies to sell at markets, with the mantra of "let's just see where it goes." Using surplus fruit from local farms, we crafted a range of fruit spirits with a beautiful, clean look and packed full of stories. The label, inspired by an album cover, was created by a design agency, with lots of hidden gems for the customer to discover. The customers loved the story, and it took them down memory lane every time they shared it.

As time passed, Tayport Distillery's story and brand evolved. When the pandemic hit, we had to pivot from Eau de Vie to gin, which was in high demand. The label design became straightforward and no-frills, which worked brilliantly and helped the brand grow bigger into a different marketplace. However, along the way, we lost some of our brand identity and knew we needed to create a brand that truly represented who we were and what we stood for.


Craft is Graft!

Our passion to use local sourced and surplus produce from the surrounding community had grown stronger, and we wanted that to be at the heart of our brand. We wanted to showcase the excellent fruit and grain farms surrounding us and the authenticity this brings into crafting great-tasting spirits.

We are determined to create a brand that truly focuses on who we have become over the last five years. We left our jobs and came together as a family unit to build this distillery. Creating great-tasting products from real fruit and grain instead of cutting corners and using concentrates takes a lot of patience and we have persevered, determined to show that real fruit and locally grown has a more natural and authentic taste. So moving forward, we are proud to show our new and exciting rebrand.

Our new logo incorporates an icon of the Larick Beacon, a poignant and important part of Tayport's history. The Beacon is at the heart of our ethos of community, which has become so important. It's truly authentic and one of a kind, just like our passion for making authentic and great tasting spirits. This striking log will feature across all of our spirits and bring you home to Tayport.

Starting a business is hard, but evolving a brand is even harder. We are excited about our new direction and so proud to share it with you. A huge thanks goes to our friends at Hart and Jones, who helped us to develop and designed the new collection of labels and logo. Hart and Jones helped us to really hone in on what makes us unique and to celebrate the little things we are proud of! They developed a brand mark that represents family, community and location through the use of the Larick Beacon, and we could not be more excited to share it with the rest of the industry!

Thanks again for being with us on our journey.

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