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New Product Announced! Coffee Liqueur ☕️ - Tayport Distillery

New Product Announced! Coffee Liqueur ☕️

"Tayport & Aimers Launch First Locally Crafted Coffee Liqueur"

Tayport Distillery proudly announces the highly anticipated debut of their latest expression, a finely crafted Coffee Liqueur. Over several months, Alasdair McDougall, Head Distiller at Tayport Distillery, did extensive research and experimentation, dedicated to perfecting this exceptional coffee-infused liqueur. This was conducted in collaboration with Aimers in Dundee, connoisseurs in the art of producing the finest teas and coffee. Leveraging Aimers' seasoned expertise, Alasdair explored various blend variations, roasts, and grind techniques, ensuring the precise extraction of flavours. The result is an exquisite coffee liqueur boasting delectable notes of chocolate and caramel.

Reflecting on this project, Alasdair shared his enthusiasm, stating, "Working alongside Aimers has been an enlightening and exhilarating experience for us as a distillery. While we possess extensive expertise in extracting flavours from fruits, coffee was a new and exciting frontier. Our collaboration with Aimers, and the invaluable knowledge they imparted, proved instrumental in the creation of our exquisite Coffee Liqueur, elevating it to the realm of premium spirits in line with our brand identity."

Aimer's and Tayport Distillery working in collaboration on a Coffee Liqueur

General Manager, Rob Sinclair has commented; ‘For Aimers, it has been exciting to be part of such a local collaboration and discovering a new way for our coffee to be consumed. A blend of carefully selected arabica and robusta coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Vietnam was slow-roasted to produce a fully developed yet balanced flavour. Consumed as an espresso coffee it expresses notes of dark chocolate and caramel which have continued through into the liqueur. The taste profile, as well as the passion and expertise of both teams, has been skilfully extracted, combined and translated by Alasdair into this fine creation.’

Tayport Distillery's Coffee Liqueur marks a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional spirits to the discerning consumer. Whether savoured on its own or expertly blended in a variety of cocktails, this artisanal creation exemplifies the unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication that define Tayport Distillery.

Coffee Liqueur

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