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Punch à la Romaine - Tayport Distillery

Punch à la Romaine

Punch à la Romaine 

In 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg sinking the symbol of Britain’s industrial revolution and many of its passengers. The grandeur and sophistication is remembered in some of the artefacts recovered from the wreckage. 

The Titanic explored the human desire to indulge in food and drink. It has been identified from the wreckage the expansive selection of spirits carried onto the Titanic - vermouth, wine, champagne, brandy and whisky were all on offer. It is noted that during the last dinner on the Titanic, guests were served bountiful amounts of food with Punch à la Romaine as their appetiser. 

Punch à la Romaine has made many travels, with its first noted beginnings in Rome where it was served to Popes and once Napoleon successfully invaded Italy he brought the recipe back with him to France. 

We have substituted the rum traditionally used in a Punch à La Romaine for our Never.25 Raspberry Eau de Vie, you can use lemon/orange sorbet instead of juice as well. However, we wanted to make it accessible for people who wanted to wow their guest on first arrival. The Prosecco creates the flare and foaminess reminiscent of iceberg peaks. 

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— 25 ml Never.25 Raspberry Eau de Vie

— 30 ml Orange Juice
— 15ml Lemon Juice
— 15 ml Simple Syrup
— 1 Egg White
— Prosecco
— Orange Zest

In a shaker, add all the ingredients except the Prosecco. Dry shake, don't forget the lid! Dry shake for about 10 seconds, then fill with ice and shake for another 10 seconds until contents is chill through. Strain into one of your fanciest glasses and top with crushed ice. 

Pour over your Prosecco to get a gorgeous foamy top and add you orange zest to make it sparkle!


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