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Discover the World of Raspberry Liqueur

Discover the World of Raspberry Liqueur

Calling all Scottish spirit enthusiasts! Get ready to discover the world of locally-crafted raspberry liqueur. Have you ever wondered about the history behind this liqueur and how it's made? Join us to learn all about raspberry liqueur and share the best ways to enjoy this versatile spirit in cocktails and desserts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Raspberry liqueur has a rich history dating back to the 17th century
  • The production process involves macerating raspberries in alcohol and adding sugar
  • Raspberry liqueur can be enjoyed in various ways, from sipping it neat to using it in cocktails and desserts

History of Raspberry Liqueur in Scotland

The tradition of crafting fruit liqueurs has deep roots in Scotland, where the abundance of wild berries and the art of distillation have long intertwined. While raspberry liqueur might have originated elsewhere, Scottish distillers quickly embraced this spirit, utilising locally sourced berries and their expertise to create their own unique expressions.

Historical records indicate that raspberries were used in alcoholic beverages in Scotland as early as the 18th century, often in homemade cordials and infusions. As the craft distilling movement gained momentum in the 20th century, a few Scottish distilleries began producing their own versions of raspberry liqueur.

Production Process

  • Frozen Raspberries: We work closely with our farmers to choose the best raspberries, ensuring the highest quality fruit for optimal flavour. We use frozen raspberries which helps reduce the pectin that is released from the raspberries resulting in an exceptionally clear liqueur at the end.
  • Maceration: The raspberries are gently steeped in grain-neutral spirit for a minimum of two weeks. This extended maceration period allows the berries' natural sugars and flavours to fully infuse the alcohol. (For making at home, 40-45% vodka can be used as a substitute.)
  • Filtration: The macerated mixture undergoes a careful filtration process to remove any solids, resulting in a beautifully clear and vibrant liqueur.
  • Proofing: We measure the filtered liquid to determine the alcohol content and adjust the proof accordingly, ensuring consistency in every batch. For our liqueurs we proof the liquid to 20%.
  • Sweetening: A percentage amount of sugar is added to balance the natural tartness of the raspberries, creating a harmonious and satisfying sweetness.
  • Resting and Blending: The liqueur is then allowed to rest, allowing the flavours to fully mature.
  • Only Natural Flavour: Unlike many mass-produced raspberry liqueurs that rely on artificial flavours and additives, our liqueur celebrates the pure essence of the fruit. We believe that the best flavours come from nature itself. That's why our raspberry liqueur contains nothing artificial – just the essence of Scottish raspberries, carefully balanced with sugar and a high-quality spirit base. This dedication to natural ingredients ensures a truly authentic and refreshing taste that captures the essence of summer berries.

Ways to Enjoy Raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry Liqueur Cocktail

Raspberry liqueur is a largely versatile and enchanting spirit with endless possibilities in cocktails. Whether you crave a refreshing summer sip or a sophisticated evening indulgence. It can take centre stage, showcasing its vibrant personality in creations like the Raspberry Mojito or the Raspberry Vodka Fizz. Or, it can be used to add a touch of fruity complexity to classic cocktails like the Raspberry French Martini.

Raspberry Liqueur Dessert Recipes

This delightful spirit adds a sweetness and tanginess to a variety of desserts, from puddings to cakes and tarts. Impress your guests by soaking sponge cake in the fruity and jammy raspberry liqueur. If you fancy something refreshing, why not try a Raspberry Sorbet? It's a wonderful palate cleanser filled with the delicious taste of raspberries with a slight kick from the alcohol. You can also include raspberry liqueur to ice cream to give it a hint of boozy sweetness.

Tips for Pairing Raspberry Liqueur with Food

When it comes to pairing raspberry liqueur with food, the possibilities are endless. This versatile spirit can harmonise with a variety of flavours and enhance your dining experience. Are you a cheese lover? Pair raspberry liqueur with creamy cheeses for a delightful combination of sweet and savoury.

For the chocolate enthusiasts, drizzle raspberry liqueur over your favourite chocolate dessert to cut out the richness of the chocolate. If you're feeling adventurous, experiment with raspberry liqueur in fruity salads or dressings to add a burst of flavour.


In conclusion, the world of raspberry liqueur is filled with endless possibilities. From its intriguing history to the meticulous production process, raspberry liqueur captures the essence of Scottish spirits. Whether enjoyed on its own, mixed into a cocktail, or incorporated into desserts, raspberry liqueur brings a burst of fruity goodness to any occasion. So, why not indulge your senses and unlock the secrets of raspberry liqueur today?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is raspberry liqueur called?

Raspberry liqueur is commonly known as "framboise" in French, and it is a sweet, fruit-flavoured alcoholic beverage made from the essence of raspberries.

Can you use raspberry liqueur instead of Chambord?

Yes, you can use raspberry liqueur as a substitute for Chambord in cocktails and recipes. Raspberry liqueur provides a similar fruity and sweet flavour profile to Chambord, making it a suitable alternative.

Does Chambord taste like raspberry?

Chambord does have a distinct raspberry flavour, along with hints of blackberries and other berries. Its rich and decadent taste makes it a popular choice for adding sweetness and depth to cocktails and desserts.

Is framboise the same as Chambord?

While both framboise and Chambord are raspberry-based liqueurs, they are not the same. Framboise is a general term for raspberry liqueur, whereas Chambord is a specific brand of raspberry liqueur known for its unique blend of flavours.

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