The Distillery


Tayport Distillery creating their own triple distilled base spirit.

Tayport Distillery started with an ambition to create spirits using the amazing fruit and grain surrounding us in Scotland.  With the world leading whisky industry on our doorstep we have access to the best grains in the world for producing a great base spirit. The base spirit is the foundation, it's the first step in making alcohol and getting this right was fundamental to a great tasting product.

To produce the perfect base for our drink, we hand collect malted barley. The grains are put through a 'mashing' process, steeping the grains in the first of many amazing natural processes start to make alcohol. The enzymes in malt barley break down starches to fermentable sugars. The mash is then slowly filtered.

The wheat and malted barley used to create Tayport Distillery's own base spirit

Fermentation is the second natural process and the first time we see alcohol due to the miracle of yeast. Specially selected yeast is the power behind the whole process and must be carefully looked after. When yeast is added a reaction takes place, heat is generated, foaming and fizzing bubbles of carbon dioxide are given off and sugars converted to alcohol. To control the reaction temperatures and PH levels are continually managed. Too high or too low, off flavours and compounds  will find their way into the final product. We don't want that!

Kecia McDougall emptying the mash tun after it has been filtered to collect the mash.

Distilling is the technology part of the process used to collect all the nice tasting alcohol and discard the parts we don't need. In distillation liquids are brought to a boil and vapours produced. The technology in our still allows very fine control over the vapours we carry over for the final product. We only want a clean tasting product so only take the vapours we need.

During final distillation steps a basket is filled to the brim with fresh berries for the spirit vapours to pass through.  Each batch is carefully watched, making selective cuts for a smooth and refined drink. This is the art of the Distiller.

The spirit is then allowed to rest for weeks to fully marry the flavours together for a smooth and refined drink.