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Our Story

The story of Tayport Distillery begins in the apple orchards of Ohio, and continues here in the berry fields of Fife. Inspired as much by tales of old Ohian moonshiners, as by the podcasts and books about today’s renaissance micro-distillers, Kecia decided to take on the challenge and create a spirit of her own. The distillery is nestled on the outskirts of the Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve on the east side of Tayport.  The distillery is part of a growing group of folk, who are proud to be taking part in the regeneration of this area. 

What's in a name?

The bluebird has always been a symbol of happiness and hope.  The symbol  features in our branding and has special significance for Kecia.  In her words...
In 1989, I left my home in the U.S. to be with my now husband, Duncan.  At the time, I was not sure if Duncan and I would marry and leaving meant I would have to quit my job, sell my few possessions, and take a gamble. A bit scary at 24 years old . . .
A few things happened and then I just thought, “Why not?  You only live once!”.  I bought a plane ticket, said goodbye to friends and family but somehow knew I probably would not be coming back. 
After saying goodbye to everyone in the airport, I was very upset on the plane and an African American lady sat down next to me and was so kind. She listened to me on the flight from Columbus to Newark. She asked me where I was going, what were my plans and what my address was going to be in U.K., "I’m going to send you something".  I thought it was kind but probably nothing would happen. 
Anyway about 3 weeks after I arrived, a package was delivered to Duncan’s home in Wales with a note “Wishing you happiness”, a small glass bluebird ornament was enclosed. I have kept that ornament on my kitchen window ledge for 28 years.  I still don’t know that lady’s name or where she was from but I think about her often.
The Bluebird has special significance and was the name I wanted for the business but I was advised not to use Bluebird due to trademark and legal considerations.  I was very upset by this, so much so, I completely forgot my 25th wedding anniversary trying to think of a new name.  When I realised this, I could not believe Duncan and I had been married 25 years . . . It's Never 25. . . how time has flown.
And now a year on, we have commemorated a further year of marriage and launched a new liqueur range simply called "1992" - the year we were married!
Bluebirds of Happiness Never 25 Tayport Distillery
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