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Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Meet The Director and Distiller - Kecia McDougall
Director and Distillery, Kecia McDougall
This is Kecia, the woman who manages to reach 15,000+ steps a day, loves Dunkin Donuts, obsessed with Bruce Springsteen and loves a crime thriller podcast.
Kecia got into distilling through her ambition to create a spirit using only local produce and developed the Never.25 and 1992 range. Both collections herald the delicious fresh fruit we have on our doorstep and aim to showcase Scottish produce. Kecia always had the ambition to create a base spirit from scratch using malt barley. This took her around two years to perfect before bringing her Malt Barley Vodka into the market in 2020 and being awarded one of the Top 10 Vodkas in the World.
When Kecia isn’t in the distillery inventing or creating her next new spirit - you can find her walking Jura on a golf course, cooking up a storm in the kitchen for family, or enjoying RHOA with Mary…
Our Production Manager and Trainee Distiller - Alasdair McDougall
Production Manager and Trainee Distiller at Tayport Distillery
This is Alasdair, a banana bread enthusiast, golf and tennis fanatic and the newest member to the Tayport team.
Alasdair studied Earth Sciences at Newcastle University with a passion for rocks…An interesting choice of degree we all thought, however a degree that became extremely useful due to the transfer of skill sets he learned and could apply to distilling. Ally takes control of all the production processes (mashing, fermenting, distilling and bottling) in the distillery. We are so happy to have him on board and take over the hard manual labour that happens in the distillery!
Alasdair's favourite meal of the day is breakfast, but breakfast is definitely not his favourite time of the day- however you might crack a smile on him by close of play  You can find him in a fridge, on the golf course, or being the class-clown making everyone laugh.
Meet Our Marketing and Sales Manager - Mary McDougall
Marketing and Sales Manager at Tayport Distillery
This is Mary, a more familiar face on our social media channels! Mary is a food enthusiast, always munching on half the stock and singing her way through packing the orders.
Mary studied music at the Royal Northern College of Music before embarking on the fast and diverse life of the drinks industry. Always having a passion for social media and interested in marketing campaigns, Mary decided to join Kecia just as the business was kicking off! She is ⅓ of The Vintage Girls, and can’t wait for live music to be up and running again!

You can find Mary, walking up a mountain somewhere with Jura, researching the best salsa recipe or taking up her 100th hobby of the year - at the moment it is paddleboarding... badly.

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