The Blending Experience

**22/9/20 - As advised by Visit Scotland, you can still book your household onto organised tours - alongside other unconnected households.  Your booking should represent one household, follow 2 m physical distancing on tours and wear a face mask. (see our COVID policy)

If you upgrade to our Distiller’s Kitchen masterclass, you will be taking home a bottle of your own unique spirit. Our Distiller’s Kitchen is a workshop provided to give you a real understanding of how spirits are made, experimenting with different flavours, mixing botanicals and unleashing your skills. Come with your friends and see who can make the best Gin!


This tour has been designed for those of you who would like to get creative in the distillery, designing your own unique craft spirit and learning about flavours along the way. Our distillery kitchen experience is all about getting hands on and being immersed in the process of making great tasting craft spirits. 

We provide a range of locally sourced botanicals and some that are more exotic. After smelling and tasting the individual botanicals, you will start to make your very own craft spirit.

What’s included?

  • Tour of Distillery
  • History of Alcohol
  • Blending Experience. (Sampling 6+ spirits and distillates)
  • Perfect Serve Demonstration
  • Cocktail Demonstration
  • 1 x 20cl Bottles, labelled and waxed.

 Please refer to our T&Cs page for advice on cancellations and refunds.


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