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Never.25 Strawberry Eau de Vie


What?  No Juniper...

Like all of our eau de vie spirits, the Strawberry eau de vie has no juniper.  It is  distinctively jammy strawberry on the nose but with a light and delicate strawberry and vanilla edge to the taste. At 42% abv it will remind you of summer strawberries without the sweetness but with an alcohol edge.

This spirit is popular in the summer served with lemonade, mediterranean tonic, or even cream soda!

What is Eau de Vie?

A great question! It isn't quite a gin or vodka. Ultimately it comes down to the way that it is produced. Eau de Vie is traditionally a french spirit, where you use fruit to create a unique flavour profile for the alcohol. At Tayport Distillery, we will macerate fruit for around 3 months in our base spirit, and once it is ready we slowly distil it a fourth time to create a smooth and refined mouth-feel. 


Every year we collect strawberries from local farms around the distillery.  One of our favourite varieties is the Ava Strawberry.  We love to use these to make our eau de vie, bringing a taste of fife into the bottle!

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