1992 Liqueurs - Berrylicious!!!

Our award-winning liqueurs are a luxury that everyone deserves!  We use only the finest berries from Tayside and macerate these for over three months to ensure a beautiful fruity taste and syrupy texture.  Our 1992 Raspberry Liqueur won the prestigious Great Taste Golden Fork award and was featured on Alan Titschmarsh's 'Love Your Weekend'.  And, our Blackcurrant Creme de Cassis liqueur also won a Great Taste Award in 2019. 

1992 Blackcurrant Liqueur - Tayport Distillery

1992 Blackcurrant Liqueur - perfect for Kir Royales!

From  £12.50
1992 Raspberry Liqueur - Tayport Distillery

1992 Raspberry Liqueur - Bursting with Berry Flavour!

From  £12.50

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