Raspberry Cheesecake Cocktail

A combination of some of our favourite food and drink! Aelder Elixir, Never.25 Raspberry and cheesecake!


15mls Aelder Elixir
25mls Never.25 Raspberry
25mls Raspberry Simple Syrup
50mls Double Cream 
Crushed Ginger Nut
Margarita Glass

Rub the rim of the glass with a slice of lemon and dip into the crushed ginger nut biscuits. Set aside and keep some of the ginger nuts to garnish the glass later. 

Pour in the Aelder Elixir, Never.25 Raspberry, Simple Syrup and add a squeeze of lemon. Stir gently with a spoon, and add the double cream. Top the shaker with 2/3 of ice and place on a lid. Shake for 30 secs until liquid is full combined. Pour mixture through a fine strainer into the glass you previously prepared. Enjoy as a treat after dinner or just make for fun!