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Eau de Vie Cocktails to make at home!

El Morocco - Tayport Distillery

Jan 31, 2019

El Morocco

El Morocco, A cocktail originally from North Africa, was made famous in Manhattan. An Italian immigrant, John Perona, opened a speakeasy during the prohibition era, called El Morroco, and it became one of the most popular establishments of New York, the El Morocco cocktail has made quite a name for itself since then!
Punch à la Romaine - Tayport Distillery

Jan 31, 2019

Punch à la Romaine

The Titanic explored the human desire to indulge in food and drink. It has been identified from the wreckage the expansive selection of spirits carried onto the Titanic - vermouth, wine, champagne, brandy and whisky were all on offer. It is noted that during the last dinner on the Titanic, guests were served bountiful amounts of food with Punch à la Romaine as their appetiser. 
The Army and Navy Cocktail - Tayport Distillery

Jan 31, 2019

The Army and Navy Cocktail

The Army and Navy cocktail makes use of a well-known syrup - Orgeat. Deriving from French origins, it was previously known as barley water. It began as a barley oil blended with water to create an emulsion and is now seen in many cocktail bars.  Why not try it out in the Army Navy Cocktail Recipe found here using our very own Never.25 Strawberry Eau de Vie.

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