Where are our spirits made?

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What does Provenance mean to Tayport Distillery?

Quite simply that, our spirit is produced in Scotland! I know we bang on about it, but Scotland really does have the best fruit and grains to offer. The grains are already proven to be the best with the world renowned Scottish Whisky.  If the grains are that good we will use them too! Secondly, everybody knows how great Scottish summer berries are and we have decided to use these to flavour our spirit. We have taken the best of Scottish farm produce to make a truly local spirit. 

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What is Grain Neutral Spirit? (GNS)

The base of all spirits can be produced many ways – it is the base that is the spirit! Grain, fruit or vegetable bases can be used and you will get different tastes and mouthfeel of spirit depending on what you use. For Tayport Distillery,  it took a lot of experimentation to perfect our own recipe and create a refined spirit but we always wanted to use local farm produced grains.

Several processes go into making the base such as collecting grains, milling, mashing, fermenting. Its hard work but worth the effort. We have control over the process and can truly claim our spirit is made in Scotland. From the outset we decided against buying a Grain Neutral Spirit from bulk production techniques. Purchasing grain neutral spirit in bulk can be very cost effective, however in doing so you do not have the same control over the distillation process – the art of the distiller!  

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Why is Provenance important? 

Well, thats really up to you to decide! At Tayport Distillery, provenance is important because it means total transparency between ourselves and the customer. You can ask Kecia or Mary, and they will be able to tell you straight away which local farmers provide which fruit and where our grains are harvested and collected. It means that we can be totally honest about what is inside your bottle and why we choose it to be there. 

Never.25 was a product of experimentation and hard work to create it's unique flavour. It came out of working with local farmers who offered help and suggestions on fruit varieties and brewers offering advice on making a good wash to ferment to a nice base spirit. The process to create our range is intricate and detailed, but we know that the local support from the farms around us - is something that has contributed to a great tasting product.

The distillery guard dog Jura and Keci, our distiller, checking up on the blueberries coming into season.

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Adrian Forde-Beggs, bartender and winner of the Tayport Distillery Cocktail competition

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Tayport Distillery 1992 Raspberry Liqueur wins 3 Stars at The Great Taste Award 2020

Tayport Distillery 1992 Raspberry Liqueur wins 3 Stars at The Great Taste Award 2020

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