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Popular Walks Into Tentsmuir Forest


We are so lucky to be located in such a beautiful part of Fife. Regularly, we have to pinch ourselves on our weekly walks around Tentsmuir Forest or the Fife coastal path. Since our shop, tours and tasting are slowly opening back up - we thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite routes that we like to do on a weekly basis. We have noted how long each walk will take you roughly and whether it is dog-friendly or not!


Morton Lochs

45 mins - 1 hours

Dog Friendly 

This is a lovely peaceful stroll through some Scottish woodlands with lots of bird-watching and perfect for a brief catch-up with a friend. You can start this walk from the Morton Lochs car park or from our distillery;

As you come out of our distillery, turn left and follow the road to the public footpath on your right-hand side through Scotscraig Golf Course. Please be respectful to golfers playing and look out ahead of you for golfers teeing off.

Footpath on Scotscraig Golf Course

You will eventually reach the end of the footpath on the golf course, but continue into Morton Lochs as you pass through the gate. 

Footpath into Morton Lochs


Follow the path straight, until you see a gate at the end which you can pass through round the corner on the right. The path will continue past a house on your right and usually some horses munching on some grass to your left, until you reach the gate into Morton Lochs.

Horses on footpath in Morton Lochs


As you pass through this gate follow the path through to a beautiful opening in the trees where you can sit at a bench further up and enjoy the scenery or continue on with your walk. You can choose to take a left or right turn and complete a full loop passing the carpark and bird-watching huts at the top of the loop. 

Morton Loch Photo Collage


We absolutely love this walk as it is right on our doorstep and perfect for a break from the 9-5 when we are working away at the distillery. On a sunny day the opening is a gorgeous reminder of the importance of being outdoors, as it is wonderfully secluded with the sound of bird-song. 

Tentsmuir Forest (from Tayport)

2-3 hours

Dog Friendly

This is a wonderful walk that has the benefit of both beach scenery and woodland shelter. A common walk for family over the weekend and can be done on mild and windier days due to the shelter provided from the trees, however it can be boggy in some areas. You can also start this walk from our distillery or park at the Tayport Common just as you pass us on the left-hand side. 

  1. Starting at the bus stop turning at the end of the Shanwell Road South (you can park at the Tayport Common as there is little parking in the area.) Head straight following the path into the forest. 
  2. From there following the gravel road to the left or take the option along the beach further to the left of the road. You can follow this route all the way until you reach the corner turning off to the right, continuing to follow the path. About 20mins up you will find a turning to you left which will take you out towards the beach and out of the woodland for a brief while. 
  3. Once on the beach turn right and continue until you pass a burn and see a footpath leading you back into the woodlands. 
  4. Once you have reached the main woodland path, take another right down and over a burn. Continue down until you see the footpath on your left. Take the left turn. Follow this footpath the entire way until you reach the edge of the forest. 
  5. Take a slight left and continue through the forest until you see a turning on your right to Shanwell Farm. Follow the road to Shanwell Farm all the way leading you back to Tayport to your start point.

Tentsmuir Forest (from B945 or Leuchars)

Depends on route!

Dog- Friendly 

Tentsmuir Forest is filled with lovely little nooks and crannies and perfect for family walks with a huge play area, food from the Salt and Pine and Crepe Shack. You can take the kids for bike rides here to see the Ice House with lots of brilliant information about the wildlife in the area. It is a dog -friendly haven and you will be sure to see lots of people enjoying the beautiful woodland and beach scenery. 

Drive into Tentsmuir via Leuchars or B945, depending on which way you are travelling. Parking charges may apply so prepare to bring £2 with you in change as card is not accepted. 

Once parked up, just go ahead and explore! There are lots of amazing routes which you can take. We normally head towards the beach, turn left and head all the way out and turn left into the forest once we have run out of beach. If you go out far enough you can reach the Ice House which is a great little pit stop for a snack before turning back toward the car park. 

The forest is full of winding routes which you can come in and out of from the main road out of the car park. It is totally your choice which one you take and explore!

Why not start with a walk in Tentsmuir before you visit us in the shop or for a Tour and Tasting?

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