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Meet The Team | Tayport Distillery

We thought it might be a good time to meet the team at Tayport Distillery!  We are a small, little unit and that is just how we like it! You might have already read in our entry for the New Producer Awards, we are a mother-daughter team who are passionate about making sure you get the full Tayport Distillery story and experience. However, sometimes we can't do it all and we need to bring in our amazing brand ambassador to help out! You can read up below the back stories and quirky fun facts about the Tayport Distillery team!

Kecia McDougall - Director and Distiller 

Kecia McDougall, Director and Head Distiller at Tayport Distillery

If you didn't know by now that Kecia was American and travelled half way across the world to take a chance on her husband- we can refer you onto Our Story page to read all about that fun tale! Here are some other little insights:

Fun Facts: Kecia is an avid dancer, however bad she has been perfecting Soul Train dance moves and dreamed of being a Solid Gold Dancer since 1980. 

Favorite Musicians: Gregory Porter, Prince and Saturday Night Fever! (the album)

Fondest Memory: Meeting an elephant named Keisha in South Africa was a pretty surreal moment. 


Mary McDougall - Events and Marketing Manager

A musician at heart, Mary's love for creativity is what brought her into this role today! Always one to have the last say and an unpopular opinion- Mary is loud, fun and energetic. The distillery is never quiet when she is around!

Fun Facts: Mary was always a bit enthusiastic when it came to playing a game of hockey or lacrosse. She was the only girl to be sent off at such at junior level, and was known a 'Scary Mary' for quite some time. 

Favourite Musician: Ah what are you doing to me?! There are too many! Lets go with: Joni Mitchell / Beyonce / Fleetwood Mac

Fondest Memory: Cycling through a city in Vietnam, with no bell to 'politely' ask people to get out of my way... and instead vocally shouting 'Noot Noot' like Pingu the Penguin. 


Sam Milne - Brand Ambassador

Sam Milne, Brand Ambassador for Tayport Distillery

 A slinger of drinks and rhyming aficionado, Sam Milne has been working with the company before the drinks were even on the market. Having learnt his craft at 99 Bar and Kitchen, Sam now competes in cocktail competitions and helps organise events and tasting with Tayport Distillery.

Jura McDougall - Chief Operations Overseer 

'Yawn, where is my toy pheasant?"

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