What should I garnish my drink with?

Never.25 Strawberry Eau de Vie Simple Serve Cocktail

What should I garnish my drink with?

Let’s relive a moment we have all experienced: you have guests over for drinks this evening and you have gone on and on about this fantastic new spirit you discovered at the local market and can not wait for them to try! The moment has come, you are all prepped - reiterating what the nice girl from the market told you about the tasting notes of the gin. But then it hits you, you don’t know what to garnish it with? Do you just chuck in some raspberries? What if they get mushy? 

We hear this dilemma all the time and are frequently asked ‘how should I garnish my drink?’ Let dig into it a bit!

Is it for flavour or is it for show?

Let this be your choice, almost always the brand ambassador of the drinks company will be giving you garnish suggestions for flavour over show. Sometimes simplicity is the best option! A simple orange or lemon twist can really enhance those subtler notes within your gin and tonic. We found a little tutorial online for you to try out: Easy Cocktail Garnishes

However, maybe you are wanting a conversation starter, something that adds a little pizzazz to the evening? It doesn’t take long to search your favourite drink on instagram and be inundated with garnish decoration ideas, here I have found some below for a gin and tonic garnish: 

Flowers in Ice Cubes


Cucumber Swirls


Orange Leaves 


If you have any cool garnish ideas - why not send them to our instagram or Facebook pages? We would love to see them!


— 25ml Strawberry Eau de Vie (or Raspberry Eau de Vie)

— Light Floral Tonic

— Orange Zest Leaf

Combine all the ingredients in a highball glass with ice. You can double the eau de vie if you like thing a little stronger.


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