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Negroni - The Italians response to the Americano! | Tayport Distillery

Negroni - The Italians response to the Americano!

This cocktail dates back to 1919 in Italy when an Italian wanted to reinvent the Americano. The Americano was not as we know it today, unlike its coffee substitute, it was an alcoholic drink the Italian bartenders would make for their American tourists. Originally made with Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Club Soda, it was a fairly tame drink that made a perfect accompaniment to the Italian sun with its large ice cubes to serve!

It wasn't until Count Camillo Negroni came back to Florence, he asked for something a little stiffer to as he had become accustomed to strong liquor while in the Wild West in America being a rodeo! The bartender accommodated Count Camillo Negroni's request by switching the Club Soda for Gin, adequately naming the cocktail after the customer. 

This cocktail has a great balance of bitter and sweet, allowing the gin to take centre stage holding all the components together!

The Negroni

25mls Wild Rose Gin

25mls Campari

25mls Martini Rosso

Fill a cocktail shaker or jug up half-way with cubed ice. Pour all ingredients over the ice and stir together for 10-15 secs. This slows the dilution of the ice into the drink vs shaking. Once ingredients have been combined strain over a tumbler glass that has been pre-filler with large ices cubes and enjoy! 

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