The Last Word - A Farewell To Ernest

The Last Word - A Farewell To Ernest | Tayport Distillery

The Last Word - A Farewell To Ernest

“Courage is grace under pressure” - Ernest Hemingway 

Throw yourself back into a time where the government was desperately trying to gain back control, prohibition and the remnants of war are still lingering in the air. This was the perfect time for an ambitious young globetrotter to discover hidden gems and record his findings.

Charles H. Baker roamed the world in search of exotic alcoholic beverages, spending time with celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway. For a boy from a small town in Florida, Baker scaled his way up in the world drinking with Ernest Hemingway and lunching with Errol Flynn. He married an heiress, building a home with a garden adorning delicious fruit trees and herbs, which would be used in his exotic cocktail experiments. 

Baker’s recipes would soon all be noted in a limited edition as the ‘Gentleman’s Companion’ Volumes I and II . There are many bartenders who have paid homage to Charles H.Baker and his cocktail recipes. Most notably, The Last Word Saloon in Edinburgh which is a nod towards Charles H. Bakers cocktail created for and inspired by Hemingway.

Acquaint yourself with a very old, mostly forgotten class of cocktail. Tart but balanced.

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— 15ml Green chartreuse

— 20ml lime juice

— 45ml Wild Rose Gin

— 25ml Maraschino Liqueur

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake until cold. Strain into a chilled glass, then garnish.


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