Move over blackberries, blackcurrants are coming through! - The Bramble

Tayport Distillery Bramble Cocktail Photo

There's always time for a cocktail....

The Bramble is famous across the world and can be found on almost every cocktail menu! It is the making of Dick Bradsell during his time at Fred's Club in Soho. 

It is a beautifully light and citrus cocktail that is very easy to prepare at a drinks reception. Our Wild Rose Gin is enhanced throughout the cocktail as it citrus notes are complimented against the blackcurrant liqueur. The 1992 brings an added depth to the flavour profile of this cocktail. Originally prepared with Crème de Mure, it is thought the name was taken from the movement the liqueur takes through the ice as re-enacting growing brambles. 


50mls Wild Rose Gin

25mls Lemon Juice

25ml Sugar Syrup

Drizzle Crème de Cassis - 1992 Blackcurrant Cassis

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway up with ice, pour all ingredients except the creme de cassis over ice in shaker and hard for 10 seconds. Fill tumbler glass with crushed ice and strain mixture over the crush ice. Drizzle Crème de Cassis over top and watch it trickle through the glass. 

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