Simple Syrups - Creating your own!

Simple Syrups - Creating your own! | Tayport Distillery

Something we really love about producing our own spirit is being able to play around with different flavour combinations to create tasty cocktails, in the hope that  one day our audience will join in on the fun and mix up something new with us!

Image of Elderflower Sugar Syrup

Making a syrup is so easy and there are lots of fantastic recipes online mixing up great ingredients to create a syrup that is different. Today, we will focus on the basics of how to make a syrup and some flavour combinations that work really great together!

Syrup is essentially super fine sugar heated in a large bowl of water. You can add anything to it to flavour, such as fresh fruit, rhubarb, lilac or basil. What is produced its an intensely rich and flavoursome mixture that can be kept for up-to 2 weeks, and if you add vodka, it can last even longer!

Below, we have given you some recipe suggestions for you to try out and get creative!

Rhubarb and Ginger Syrup

1kg Bright Red Rhubarb, cut into chucks
400g Superfine Caster Sugar
30g Grated Ginger
500ml Water
1 tbsp Vodka, optional

This produces about 1 medium Kilner Jar of syrup. (approx 750mls)

Raspberry Syrup

1 punnet of raspberries
200g Superfine Caster Sugar
10g Grated Ginger
250ml Water

This produce about 1 small Kilner Jar of Syrup. (approx 500mls)


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