Autumn Apples

Autumn Apples | Tayport Distillery

Autumn Apples

When berries aren't really your thing and you are looking for something that packs a bit more punch, Autumn Apples can help you out there! This is a simple serve that will warm up any windy autumnal day!

We named this simple serve after the season apples begin to grow. The variety of apples we use are what give our Never.25 Eau de Vie, it’s unique and distinctive taste. There are a mixture of apples, wind-blown from Balcaskie Estate within the East Neuk of Fife. Once we collect the apples from Sam and Duncan at the estate, the apples are then brought back to the distillery to be macerated for two - three months. 

Balcaskie Estate is located within the gorgeous East Neuk of Fife, surrounded by fields and the North Sea Coastline. It is a 17th Century country house, that was notably the home of architect Sir William Bruce. The gardens are situated to the south of the building and were laid out by Bruce, aligned with the Bass Rock, an island within the Firth of Forth river. 

The estate is now home to Toby Anstruther and his family. They have continued to cultivate a lifestyle that nurtures and supports not just their farm land, but also local businesses. Bowhouse Food Markets is just one example of their initiatives to support local businesses by offer a platform for locals and tourists to try the best home-grown produce. 

With that in mind, dig into the serve below and sample Fife scrumptious Balcaskie apples!


— 25ml Never.25 Apple Eau de Vie

— Ginger Ale

— Apple garnish

Half way fill a high ball glass with ice, and pour in your Never.25 Apple Eau de Vie. Top with the ginger ale. To make the garnish cut out a wedge from the apple, slice four smaller wedges, without cutting through the bottom end of the first wedge. Gently flay the apple without tearing at the bottom.

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